Exercise #3: Allison

Exercise 3 instructions

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“Now,” said Allison, gesturing to the model building.  “What we want to do is make this office building as green as possible, so that Emmit-Markham, Inc can say that they’re contributing to the environment.  My, um, our contribution to this building is a photo-voltaic panel that rotates relative to the position of the sun.  Teamed up with a pair of windmills and a battery in the basement and the building would be almost completely off the grid.  They could even contribute electrical power to the city’s power company.  It’d be perfect and no one could say that EM, Inc was anything but environmentally friendly.  It’d boost their credibility about two hundred percent.”

“You’ve done it again, Allison,” Mr. Boddington said, his eyes shining as he gazed at Allison’s model. “I asked you for a way to make EM, Inc’s new building green and you came through for me, yet again.”

“Well, sir, I have a number of other ideas,” Allison added, grabbing a manila folder stuffed full of papers.  “Everything from building with recycled building materials to partnering with Energy Star on the building’s appliances to providing small plants and an in-building watering system that uses recycled rainwater.”

“Impressive, Allison,” Mr. Boddington smiled, taking the manila folder.

“Thank you, sir,” said Allison, “but I couldn’t have managed any of it without the help of my team.”   Here, she gestured confidently at her co-workers seated at the other side of the table.

“Very well,” said Mr. Boddington, his eyes twinkling as he leafed through the contents of the folder.  “Good work, team.  I’ll go over these ideas and let you know my thoughts by next week.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Allison, smiling to her team mates who began smiling and shaking each other’s hands.

“Man, I thought we’d never finish that,” Bryan said as they left the conference room.

“But we did,” Allison exulted, “and the boss likes it.”

“Honestly, though, Allison,” said Marjory, “I thought we’d miss our deadline.  You kept adding ideas, some of which were poorly thought out.  At the rate you were adding things, we’d have needed a box to deliver them all and Mr. Boddington probably wouldn’t look at the whole thing.”

“Well, true,” admitted Allison sheepishly, “but we had you to keep us on track, Marjie.  That’s what makes the five of us such a great team.”

“That’s not the only problem, Ally,” David added, “you kept wanting to change the plans.  Why do you do that?”

“Because nothing’s ever perfect, David,” said Ally, turning to him, “everything can be improved.”

“Not when it already works, Ally,” said Phil, who had built the building model.

“And another thing,” David broke in. “Why do you always have to argue about every single thing we decide?”

“David,” frowned Marjory, “that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  We had a number of really good ideas from those arguments.”

“Sure,” David admitted sullenly, “but who did all the research on those ideas?  Who put together the fact sheets?  The charts and graphs to support them?”  He prodded his own chest with his thumb.

“I’m sorry, guys,” sighed Allison.  “I didn’t mean to seem under-appreciative.  It’s just that, in all the excitement of working on something new, I just forget sometimes.”

“There’s another thing, Ally,” Marjory said, putting an arm around Allison’s shoulders.  “You do too much.  When we were close to the deadline, and everyone was stressing out, you kept wanting to stay late at the office to work on it by yourself.  We’re a team.  Let us help, okay?”

“I’ll try, Marjie,” Ally sighed.  “It’s just that this building is going to be smack-dab in the public eye.  I wanted it to be perfect.”

“That’s why we’re a team, Ally,” said Bryan. “We complement each other.  Where one of us has failings, the rest of us take up the slack.  Just remember, girly.  There’s no ‘I’ in team.  Come on, guys.  Boddington loved our idea.  Let’s stop complaining and start celebrating.  Who’s up for dinner at Red Robin?”

“Are you sure we shouldn’t be thinking about improvements while Boddington’s considering our ideas?” said Ally, chewing on a fingernail.

“No!” said David, firmly.

“It’s fine,” chuckled Marjorie.

“Absolutely not,” said Bryan and Phil together.

They all began laughing.  “Come on guys,” said Phil, “I have my RV.”


The main character is Allison.
Can you guess what her Meyers-Briggs personality type was?

Spoiler: (highlight from here for the answer)=> ENTP


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