After a great deal of consideration, not to mention writing my way through seven writing exercises, I realize that the instructions for these exercises are occasionally pretty long and I really don’t want you to have wade through a lot of instructions before you get to the story, but, at the same time, I want to have the instructions available, in case you’re wondering what the purpose of the story is.  That being the case, you’ll find the instructions for each exercise is now a link back to the Desk Drawer, where they originate.  This way I can give credit for the exercise’s source and, at the same time, you get to choose whether you want to read the instructions or just skip right to the story.  Either way, I hope that things will now be much easier and less time consuming.  By the way, be sure to check my archives. I’ve gone back and reformatted each exercise to fit the new format.  Happy reading!


11 thoughts on “Reformatting

  1. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    It’d be nice if we had a Hide/Show feature like phpBB3 forums have, or even LiveJournal’s lj-cut feature, where material is hidden by a hyperlink in the feed and the full text is viewable in the post.

    The advantage then is that the full text can still be seen within the post.

    But I’m sure that this solution is elegant enough. Those that want to do the exercise will take the extra step to follow the link in another window/tab, and everyone else will just read the story.

    • Thanks for your comments, love. I confess, I’m hoping that hiding the actual exercise behind a link will actually make reading the stories easier for people. Then, hopefully, I’ll get more comments.

      I’m sorry for complaining. I know that all the dispossessed Voxers are having the same problem. It’s just that I never had many comments to begin with and now, finally, I’m doing something I enjoy with my blog and it doesn’t look like many people are coming to read them.

  2. I find it easier to keep up with you both here and at TypePad than I did at Vox, where, if I was out for a few days, I had to remember to look, or weed through a lot of other stuff. I have fewer comments as well, but I figure it’s because everything is less automatic. Also, some people simply won’t go to TypePad, so there are lost neighbors that way. I do have a few friends willing to follow wherever, but it’s pretty much like starting over, I think. And those friends tend to be the ones who don’t comment, just mention once in awhile that they’re reading. It’s sad, but I figure not to nag them.

    • Personally, I’m enjoying keeping up with everyone on FeedDemon, which sync’s with Google Reader. It sets up easily, it syncs up easily and when you want to subscribe to someone’s blog, you just add them and that’s it. I got it at jak’s request because he wanted to review it for his TechsWrite blog but his machine doesn’t run Windows and FeedDemon only runs on Windows/Mac platforms

      • I’ll have a look at that. There are two people, one in each place, who seem to update *very* often. So they kind of fill up the dashboard lists…

      • See? This is why I like FeedDemon and, by extension, Google Reader. They both keep things pretty well organized. Rather than having to read through everything to get to all the meat, you have everyone’s blogs listed and the ones with new comments are bold with numbers by ’em. Very sweet.

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