Exercise #14: Getting up.

Exercise 14 Instructions

I begin to rise from sleep just as I hear my alarm beep.  I flop over in bed and reach for the clock’s alarm button, silencing it.  I sigh.  The sheet and blanket feel so warm and the pressure of my companion’s body is so comforting, I don’t want to get out of bed.  I swing my legs out and push myself into a sitting position.  The fuzzy carpet feels soft against my bare feet and I push myself up to my feet.  Before I do anything else, I have to make sure my side of our air mattress is completely inflated so that my companion won’t roll off on my side of the bed.  Reaching a little, my fingers come into contact with a hard surface, the night stand.  Lifting my hands slightly, I search for the bed’s remote control.  Let’s see now.  My side is right so I push the right arrow.  My ears pick up a distinct click as the pump for my side of the bed is engaged.  Then I press the up arrow as many times as I can.  A humming noise tells me that air is rushing into the mattress.  I lay the remote back on the nightstand and turn away from my bed to my right.  Moving forward, I don’t lift my feet much.  I do have children and, though the floor is mostly clean, sometimes one can meet with surprises.  At about ten steps away from my bed I turn right again.  One, Two, Three, and Left.  I raise my right hand and feel for a door knob.  The cold metal is very welcome to my fingers as I turn the knob and push the door open.  Then five more steps and I’m at the toilet, which I can tell just by the feel of the cold porcelain against my bare knees.

That’s all you’re getting outta me.  I’m not going to attempt to describe the process of sitting down on the bowl.

I want to apologize for the time it’s taken me to finally get this thing posted.  I’m not that great at making decisions and it took me a while to finally decide what I wanted to do.


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