Exercise #16: Japan


Exercise 16 instructions

From what I can detect, from books and movies, Japan is a beautiful country. Tokyo after sundown must be beautiful, what with all the noble folks in their kimonos and the Tokyo Tower monument. What I’d really like, though, is to see rice paddies. I’d love to go off and find out how much a paddy might yield or look at Japanese cedar trees, which get to be so big, they look warped and old.

Boy, this one is short. I wanted to see how big a submission was if it was 75 words or less, like the instructions for this exercise suggest. Well, not only have I used all ten words in the list in order, this submission is exactly 75 words long. As I mentioned, I wanted to see if I could do it.


3 thoughts on “Exercise #16: Japan

  1. Having lived in Japan, I can testify that Tokyo is hardly the lovely picture you painted! There are gorgeous pockets to be sure but basically picture New York density x 100 and that’s Tokyo!

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