Story Cast #1: Jack and The Cursed Princess, Part 1

Here’s my first “podcast“. Large thanks to SoundCloud and jaklumen for making this possible for me to do.

I was originally intending to do these about once a month.  But this first one was so much fun, I might do it more often.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to know what you think.


11 thoughts on “Story Cast #1: Jack and The Cursed Princess, Part 1

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  2. It’s not working for me. It gets stuck at the 0.03 mark and if I keep pushing the “play” button, I only hear hissing. WordPress isn’t too good with audio files unless you pay extra for their music service. But maybe I don’t have the correct player? I have a SoundCloud account, incidentally.

    • If you have an account with SoundCloud, you should be able to listen to it there, too. It’s a public file. I suspected that WordPress was going to mess it up. I guess I should have included a link.

    • It’s Flash, I’m sure. SoundCloud isn’t supporting HTML5 very well, yet, but the HTML5 widget does intrigue me… maybe we should have tried that?

      (Now you have an idea why I was linking to a Posterous backup on my stuff.)

      Even Adobe is moving away from Flash… slowly, but a news article I read did suggest they are getting into the HTML5 game too…

      • I’ll try it a little later, as I’m still keeping an eye on my parents while they putter around in the kitchen. (They both forget to shut the burners off, or worst, they’ll forget they put something on to boil, and I’ll find this charred mess an hour later.)

        The lack of a free sound or music player on WordPress has driven a lot of people to tumblr, or they’ve opted to keep their Typepad accounts and use that as a kind of server they can link to. I was never big on music back at Vox, but it’s an annoyance when you do want to feature sound on your blog.

      • I suppose it wouldn’t make much difference if I told you that jaklumen was the one that suggested SoundCloud and, as nothing else was working, I went with it.

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