Fighting Depression

Today I am a warrior wench with armor, sword and shield.

I go alone to fight upon the frosted battlefield.

I fight no other warrior and no army keep at bay.

It is a horrid demon that I fight this dreadful day.

Her wings are filled with shadows and her hair alive with fear.

I tremble in my armor as I feel her drawing near.

I call upon my King this day and hold his banner high.

I sing his anthem bravely and I give my battle cry.

“For glory, love and honor!” I shout and draw my sword.

The demon leers and flaps her wings.  She doesn’t say a word.

We leap together, fighting.  The battle’s joined at last.

She claws and bites, I hack and slash, both working pretty fast.

I feel my foe breathe on my neck.  I hear her dusty laugh.

My blade lifts up and with a flash, I cleave her head in half

And as I leave this field of woe and go to nurse my pain

I know this is a foe that I will have to fight again.

For demons can’t be slain with swords, as everybody knows,

But, for today, I’m free of her and all her fears and woes.

Also posted on The Dragon’s Lair


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