Exercise #32: Hooks

Exercise 32 Instructions

Hook 1:

Emerald eyes stared down out of the dark cave as razor-sharp talons scratched across coppery scales that hadn’t seen the light of day in more than a thousand years. The rock-fall the villagers had used to stop the cave mouth had tumbled away last night while it slept and, this morning, it was eager to explore and see if anything had changed.

Hook 2:

Some people think black cats are bad luck. I think that they have it all wrong.  See, I am one myself and, until recently, I wasn’t even lucky enough to find a three-leaf clover, let alone a four-leaf one.

Hook 3:

“I don’t think this is a good idea, Manny,” Angie whispered, looking anxiously at the picture window between them and the street. “Can’t we forget about this and go.”

“Shh!” Manny hissed irritably, shifting the stethoscope two millimeters to the right.  He carefully twisted the safe’s dial.  There was a final click and the runty man grunted pleasure as he grabbed the safe handle, turned it from vertical to horizontal and pulled.  Suddenly the entire store was awash with a blinding, brilliant light.  Angie screamed.

The point of this very short exercise was to create three hooks (each under a hundred words).  A hook is the part of the story that draws the reader in, making him or her want to find out more.  Now, the next question is this: Which of the above hooks would you most like to know the rest of the story for?  Better still, think of the hook from your favorite book or create a hook of your own and leave it for me in the comments section below.  If you’re quoting someone else’s work, be sure and “give credit where credit is due”, as the saying is.


2 thoughts on “Exercise #32: Hooks

  1. I had to think about this before answering. The first makes me think, ‘Oh, Oh!’ The second I like, but you know I like cats, even black ones. The third, …well I WOULD like to know what made the bright light and maybe what happens to these idiots next. Is that what you wanted?

    • This will do. Come to think of it, it might be interesting to find out what happens to those two “idiots” next.

      Of course, if you wish, I’d love it if you would also either create a hook of your own or you can quote someone else’s.

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