Cimmy’s Poetry: Inside-out Feelings

dep_1537502-Happy-woman-with-a-white-healthy-teethOutside way.
Lovely day.
Sky so blue.
Go and do.
Feed the kids.
Put up lids.
Clean the place.
Wash my face.
Getting dressed.
“I’m impressed.”
Helping out.
Show no doubt.
Hug my love.
Smiles above.

depression-helpInside way.
Sad and gray.
Want to cry.
Don’t know why.
Failure seen.
Feel so mean.
Try to run.
I’m no fun.
Heavy heart.
Don’t feel smart.
Prayer for help.
Quiet yelp.
”Get some rest.”
“Just a test.”

I was inspired to write this while I was feeling depressed.  I often feel like my inner feelings and my outer responsibilities play tug of war with me as the rope.  Incidentally, once I’d finished writing this, I felt much better.


3 thoughts on “Cimmy’s Poetry: Inside-out Feelings

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    • I preferred it, too. I just couldn’t think of a way to make it work online. If I can figure out how to set it up so that it looks like the original document, I’ll put it back, otherwise, this still works.

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