Exercise #52: Song of the Pillars

Exercise 52 Instructions

Before you read this, I want to to know that the link for the poem starter that’s given in the instructions isn’t operative.  I used this one instead: http://www.gotpoetry.com/Sections/op=viewarticle/artid=40.html.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

In the courtroom of piety the pillars groan,

And mutter supporting that ceiling of stone.

This place, they all say, is the house of God.

Don’t the rest of you find it a trifle odd

That the purpose of people here’s not to pray,

But to check out their neighbor across the way?

“Am I good as them? Do I work half as well

Doing fifty-eight callings while feeling like hell?

I’m bad,” they say, “I just don’t do enough.”

Don’t they ever come here just to learn? Is that tough?

Do they come here to worship, or talk to the Lord?

They should come to get some of that pleasant word.

They judge themselves poorly while watching their peers.

How long ’til they open their eyes and their ears?

They’re blind to the message the pulpits give

The courtrooms don’t come while defendants live.

Where Jesus is judge but he’s also defender

His justice is fair and his mercy is tender.

Let go of self judgment, the pillars all say.

We’re not here to judge you. Just come and pray.


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