Place Setting Story

basic place setting

I came up with this one to help me remember how to set up a place setting.  Mainly, because I tend to forget if I don’t have a mnemonic.  You can follow along on the above diagram.

Once upon a time there was a castle that was set about a finger-length from the edge of a cliff.  The castle had a tower that was slightly to the right of the farthest wall.  Stationed to the left of the castle there was always at least one guard, who stood near a nice large guardhouse.  In the castle, there lived a king and his queen.  The king was peculiar in that he always entered his castle from the right side .  Since his queen was his closest advisor, she always stood to his right. 

If the castle was ever attacked, the guard immediately entered the castle with his weapon in his right hand.  He stabbed each enemy and pushed it out of the castle.  If the enemy was too large, the king would jump in with his sword and cut the enemy down to size.  Meanwhile, the queen would help by pushing any enemies into the way of the guard. 

Okay, it’s not much of a story.  Not much danger, no suspense to speak of, but it helps me remember where things go and how they should be used.  Below is a key in case you haven’t already figured out which thing is which.

  • Castle = Plate
  • Cliff = Table edge
  • Tower = Drinking glass
  • Guard = Fork
  • Guardhouse = Napkin
  • King = Knife
  • Queen = Spoon
  • Enemy = Food

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