Exercise #60: Reincarnation?

A male Golden Retriever named Tucker.

A male Golden Retriever named Tucker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exercise 60 Instructions

If I believed in reincarnation, which I don’t, and following the western understanding of reincarnation, which is incorrect, I would wish to be a golden retriever. The main reason for this is that my family could really use a therapy dog and children with autism are frequently paired with golden retriever dogs. If I’m dead, my family would have some extra money with which they would be able to support a dog. Then, I would want to undergo the training a therapy dog would need so that my son and my husband have what they need from a pet.

I don’t see how simply answering this question would get you an answer that would push the 1200 word limit, but I did it anyway, so there you go.  See you back here next Friday when, hopefully, the next exercise will be more interesting.


3 thoughts on “Exercise #60: Reincarnation?

  1. I’ve got a challenge for you, Cimmy. Write a story about what an average day would be like for you as a golden retriever trained as a therapy dog. That would certain cover Exercise #60’s question of “What lifestyle would you want?” Consider writing fiction style, either writing first person, or third person, as the exercise says you could present the answer from a character’s perspective.

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