Rob’s Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.01

These haiku were written for Rob’s Genre Haiku Challenge.  This month’s genre is biographies.  Here are some I came up with for my favorite people.


“Weird Al” Yankovic

Accordion pro

parodies other music.

Is he strange or cool?





Joseph Smith, Jr.

Boy prophet kneeling.

He sees God and His great Son.

We all benefit.







I met him at church.

He thought I was too friendly.

Fifteen years later…

3 thoughts on “Rob’s Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.01

  1. Wonderful entries, Cimmy. 🙂

    In response to the Weird Al piece I would respond perhaps a bit of both, and maybe you have to be to do what he does! One thing is for sure though: very few people rock a full-on accordion in the big music world – I gotta dig that. Thanks for linking in!

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