16 thoughts on “New Logo!

  1. That’s so nice! Your husband did a great job with the colors too!! Isn’t it awesome when you can say that you have a logo? 🙂 I’m not completely settled with mine, but I’m quite pleased with what I have now as it captures my love for colors and what people see most in my art (the whimsy). I definitely see the “stories coming to life” part. The dragon flew of the book page! Yay!

      • I do enjoy dragons, yes. 🙂
        Interestingly enough, however, I’ve never written one into any my flash fiction pieces (that I can remember) and the only ones I’ve had in my novels have been antagonists.
        Perhaps that is something I should remedy next week when I get back into fiction writing.
        The week of silly (last week) and the week of contests (this week) have been fun, but I’m really missing writing.

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