Battle between Arch-Enemies Chapter three

This is the NEXT part of JED’s and my little challenge piece. In this one, Steve gets his comuppance. Stay tuned! The next part is happening here!

I Am Author JED

This is a continuation of a story started here at JED’s Playhouse and continued on Cimmy’s Stories.

Steve sat in his room on his bed waiting for Melanie’s reaction. When he finally heard her clumsily step out the shower and then seconds later let out an awful scream he just smiled. He thought to himself That should show her not to mess with me anymore! as he scratched the sores on his arms from her little trick earlier.

Melanie came stomping down the hall stopping at his doorway. She stood there holding chunks of her precious hair saying “You, I, My , I’ll, arrrh!!” finally giving up and walking away. He pulled the covers over him and laid his head down on his pillow. The itching powder had finally run its course and the sores no longer required constant scratching.

He might try to get a picture of his bald…

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2 thoughts on “Battle between Arch-Enemies Chapter three

  1. I read this and the sequel at Jed’s blog and my comment after Melanie’s latest was, “Oh, no!” What’s next? I shudder to think!

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