Battle of the Arch-Enemies: Finale

As promised, here is the finale from Steve’s perspective. Hope you enjoy it. Be sure to visit the link in the sidebar to read the whole thing. and let me know what you think about it.

I Am Author JED

The finale of Steve and Melanie’s battles that first started here. If you want to see Melanie’s perspective on this finale you can see it here.

Steve had hung there on the monkey bars for almost ten minutes before he was able to free himself. He had walked home in only his underwear and made his way to his room. For the next few weeks he kept himself busy. Mom was preoccupied with her fashions, dad was out of town again and Melanie was a paranoid wreck. He knew she had been following him, watching his every move just waiting for his retaliation. He decided quickly the best way to get his revenge was to not do anything. She was torturing herself more than he ever could.

If he was completely honest about it he almost felt a bit of pride at what his sister could accomplish. She…

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One thought on “Battle of the Arch-Enemies: Finale

  1. I’m glad this story ended in such an upbeat way. I was afraid there was going to be nothing but trouble. Good story! I’d like to see them take on someone else together. That could be a fun story!

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