Princess Writes: Kokoro


Dear friends,

I’ve spent all day trying to think what new story I could write for you, what new tale I might create for you.  Then, my daughter asked me to read a story she had written for a school assignment.  The assignment was to write a Science Fiction story.  She wanted me to read and edit it for her…  like you do when you’re a mom and a storyteller.  This is the story she created.  I loved it so much, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to share it with you guys.  Please, direct any and all comments to her, but please remember that she’s 11 and don’t hurt her feelings.  ‘Kay?  As she’s so fond of saying, “Don’t be a baka.”  Hope you like it.


Kokoro ココロ

On a planet, this planet but after a rather wiping pandemic, a young, but extremely intelligent and advanced scientist sat crying for his twin sister. He cried of a broken heart. He got up, and then had an idea. He picked up several robot parts and memory chips, and set to work. He created a tall figure, and put robot prosthetics and hair an her to make the figure of his sister, but older. He did this so he could grow up with her and play with his lost sister once he taught her feelings.

He powered the generator to give her life. She wouldn’t need anymore after that because this robot had the ability to eat for energy and heal. He raised her head and unplugged the cords, saying “Hello, do you know who you are? The robot girl nodded her head blankly. “I brought you a present!” he informed her. She simply blinked. He smiled and reached to the place behind him and brought out a potted cherry sapling, with very young, pretty blossoms. “Do you like it?” he asked her. “ [blossoms] {Species : cherry} (Kingdom Plante)” described the robot. The scientist looked at the robot and asked “Do you want to plant it with me?” She just stared at him and said nothing. “Alright, just come outside and watch then.” he sighed.

He went outside in the vast, empty grassland, and went hard at work at planting the sapling, sweating and red-faced, because the ground was so tightly packed. “[synth, “speak”] [End “speak” (question)]” asked the robot girl. The scientist beamed at this question and put the shovel down on the yellow flowered ground. “Well, it’s a way of cooling down, like putting water on you head to catch wind, so you don’t overheat. And my face turns red because my blood is rushing up to my face to give it more nutrients to work. You can do this in a similar way, and for people, it’s very, very useful.” he explained. “[synth, “speak”] [End “speak” (reply)]” The young scientist then finished planting the tree and lead the robot inside.

5 years full of flowers, toys, games, and other ineffective presents later…

“Imoto, do you want to learn about feelings?” The twin brother said to the robot. “[synth, “speak” [end “speak” (question)]” the robot asked. “Come to the tree, and I will attempt to show you what feelings are.” he answered. He and the robot came to the now tall tree and picked up a small shovel, spade pointing upwards, as if it were a microphone. “This is Rage. ‘Notch, you have left room for error in the player you made in this once perfect world! I was fixing it until you came! You have made an utter, drastic mistake! Herobrine seethed.’ That’s a reference to a very old, but once very popular game in 2014. I believe it was called Minecart, or Minecarp, or… Something like that. Now you try.” He quoted. “[Notch, Herobrine] “Error” (Minecraft)” the robot tried.

This was the moment when the scientist realized that the robot girl was missing one thing. Kokoro. ココロ “Heart” It would take a miracle to make this, but he brought the robot inside anyways, and started working on the computer program. All the robot did was stare into space just outside the door, occasionally getting cherries to eat and cherries in a basket next to the scientist to eat. But the scientist kept writing the program, typing very fast. The robot kept on staring. “If I make a heart for her, I’ll be able to see my sister one more time…” the scientist thought to himself.

70 years more of typing away at the computer with occasional rest, exercise, and food, the scientist has finally finished, and he is very old…

The robot turned as she heard a rustle of clothes as the old sick scientist got up from his chair and said, “Imoto, I cannot live forever like you, I have not made it possible for you to age, and so I have grown old and sick. I left you a last program for you to have, and I’ll let you read it after I go…” Tears were running down his face. “[synth “speak”] [End “speak” (question)]” the robot asked. “It’s called ‘Sad’ Imoto…” the scientist said, patting her head and hobbling off to the thick, tall tree. The robot stood there at the door for several years, watching the tree grow ancient, until she remembered what her creator had said. “I left a last program for you to have” he had said. The robot went to the computer and turned it on. It was still functional. The program streamed into the robot.

Then, a miracle took place. She felt something warm in her chest, It pulsed over, and over, making a sound. Bah-Dum, Bah-Dum, Bah-Dum, never stopping. Tears filled her eyes and poured down her face, streaming like a faucet. She looked over to the old, tall, very thick, blooming tree, and saw great beauty in it. She ran outside, and she felt her heart beat faster and faster in her chest. She became red-faced, and stopped at the tree sweat dripping from her fore-head. She lay down in the flowers, rolling around in them, then climbed the tree to sniff the cherry blossoms. She understood so many feelings now. “So this is happy…” the robot thought to herself. She looked down from the tree and saw bloody looking flowers, a deep red hue. She brimmed with curiosity, and said to herself , “Something must have died here, and its blood stained the water and that made the flowers red. I wonder what it is, because the only people around were me and…”

Her hands came upon a human skeleton lying in the ground, and she remembered the scientist had died of old age. His wish had never come true, and he died still heart broken. Tears filled her eyes once more and a cry was heard from her. She cried of a broken heart. Then another miracle happened. A time portal to the time just before the scientist died opened in the tree. “Len-Sama!” she sobbed through the portal. “I’m so so sorry I didn’t understand feelings before!” “It’s OK, Rin-Chan.” he said. His youth was slowly coming back to his body. He suddenly shot out of the portal and landed sideways on the now alive robot-girl.

He got up, helped her get up too, and said “Aw, darn. Now I have grass stains on my clothes, and flowers in my hair.” The robot girl smiled and giggled. The giggle turned into a laugh, and they both fell over laughing hard, gasping for breath. At last, they came to a stop, and the robot girl turned to the scientist and said “Len-Sama, I want to show you something.” “Show me, Rin-Chan.” The scientist replied. “OK. This is rage. Herobrine, when I made my choice, I was completely aware of the cost! But that does not mean it deserves wrath! I told you to protect the village!’ Notch fumed. That’s a reference to a very old, but once very popular game in 2014. It is called Minecraft.” she quoted.

Very good!” the scientist cheered. “Thank you. And thank you for the flowers, toys, games, other, and this beautiful, beautiful tree.” she replied. “It’s enormous now.” “See you at the top of it!” the scientist said. “Oh no, you don’t! I’ll see you!” she laughed. So up they went, laughing all the way until they reached the first branch. The robot girl was first. They laughed, talked, and swung in the trees, and once the scientist almost fell out. Then they climbed back down and made wreaths for each other out of red flowers.

One, thank you for creating me,” the robot girl said.

Two, thank you for trying to teach me.”

Three, thank you for spending time with me.”

The robot finished.

The first miracle was you coming to life.” the scientist said.

The second miracle was you learning feelings.

The third miracle was sharing these miracles with you.” The scientist finished.

The two were the happiest they could be, sitting next to each other, but the miracle did not last forever. The scientists youth leaked out of him, and the robot’s circuit shorted because her heart had become too big to hold. She lay her head against the old body of the scientist saying one last sentence. “Arigato, Len-Sama. Arigato…” She closed her eyes and her heart made it’s last beat before stopping. But her face contained utter peace and happiness. She looked like an angel.

Thank you for reading. Arigato, reader.

This story is 1561 words long. Arigato, (ありがと) Kokoro, (ココロ)Baka, (ばか)Imoto () Rin-Chan (りんちゃん) and Len-Sama (レン) are all Japanese words. Minecraft is trademarked by Mojang, Notch, and Jeb. Please do not sell this piece of work, because I made it, and you would be a baka to steal it.



9 thoughts on “Princess Writes: Kokoro

  1. 美しい Utsukushii I hope you continue to write. Like the cherry tree, your writing will only grown stronger and more beautiful. You will go through seasons of beauty and blooming, greening, quiet times of rest with bare leaves, but always you will have the dreams of other worlds flowing within you.

    • Princess says: I’m more interested in art, but sometimes I like to write, and I’m thinking of putting these things together to make japanese like comics. Arigato for the compliment anyways, though. I think you should see my drawings, too, although I don’t put many up, and they are pretty much just sketches, (the ones I don’t put up) but still, arigato for the compliment.

      • See if you can have your mom post some of these drawings. My cousin started with his art seriously when he was 13 and now he is with Dark Horse comics. I think a Japanese style comic would be way cool. Illustrating it and writing it would just be amazing.

      • Mom says: Princess and I looked up that word you included, utsukushii. What an awesome compliment and a neat new Japanese word for her to learn. Of course, she had to write it down. We’re trying to get her set up with a place where she can share her work exclusively. We haven’t come to any kind of agreement, yet.

      • There is still time. My cousin had folders and portfolios of things he worked on until he got into high school and then he started refining the art. individualized his style more. when he was younger, he borrowed a lot of styles. When he was about 16, he came into his own. It was a wonderful thing to see happen. He submitted pictures to various art agencies and comics. It took some time because it is so competitive, but he kept at it because he truly loves it. I am glad you enjoy the new word. Just be patient, keep at it, explore other works of art to get a sense of their history and style…Billy took art courses and art history so he would have access to the styles. He ended up doing a hybrid of Edo period Japan art and high Nile Egyptian art.

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