The Dream: A Writing Challenge

Hey, writers! I have a challenge for you. Yes, YOU! Take the following paragraphs, turn them into a story of at least 1200 words and post it to your blog, if you have one. You don’t have to use the exact wording. You could even just use it as inspiration for a story. Just take what I have here and roll with it in whatever way you feel is right for you! Be sure to link back here, though, so I can read what you wrote! I’m really excited to see where you take this!


I keep having the same strange dream. I am in my parents’ old house, before they had it renovated. I find myself in the hallway between the downstairs bathroom and my parents’ bedroom. My husband is there, just emerging from the bathroom.

“Look who I found,” he says with a smile.

me 5

Picture courtesy of my dad.

I look and there is a younger version of myself, somewhere between 3 and 5. She smiles and runs to me.

“Mama,” she says, hugging me close.

I gather her into my arms and say in my kindest tone, “But I’m not your mama, I’m you.”

“Mama,” she sighs and, cuddling up to my chest, she falls asleep. She always has such an expression on her face that makes me think she feels safe, now.

Later on, I always find myself somewhere with her and she always wants something. She never tells me what it is she wants, but she always looks at me like she knows I’ll figure it out. I can never remember where it is I went with her or what it was that she wanted, but I remember the first part as clearly as if it had happened in real life. I wish I knew what it meant.


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