In The Middle of Nowhere

drowning in a sea of blackness

she struggles valiantly

tries to swim

fights the octopus

the crocodiles

the weeds




pulling her downwards…

muscles in her back





protest the movements she makes

trying to save herself…

her whole body longs

for surrender

to the black deep below her…

But her soul, brighter than lightning in a stormy night,

Is the soul of a warrior!

It is the weapon she uses to fight!

It is the reason she continues to struggle!

In her soul, she knows she must continue to fight.

There can be no rest for her

Until she wins free.

So, she will never surrender!


Note: Yes, I’m aware that punctuation and capitalization have been left out in the first half of this. I’m also aware that it neither rhymes nor scans. I wrote it that way on purpose. Any guess why? Ten points if you can figure it out without help.  a hundred points if you can tell me what the poem is about, too.


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