Life Without Labels

See me as I am.

Not as a collection of names

Given while trying to define me.


See me as a whole being.

One who is trying

To be comfortable in my skin

and with myself.

Struggling every moment

To move forward in life.

No paper designations can define me

Keep your stars and your dots.*

Or choose to see me as me.

Not as some collection of numbers,

Characteristics, problems, choices,


I am none of these.

All I am is me.

I need to be okay

With that me.

*This is a reference to a story written by Max Lucado, titled You Are Special, about a group of wooden creatures called Wemmicks that judged each other with stickers in the shape of stars and dots (stars for the “good” ones and dots for the “bad” ones). It teaches that one must learn to care more about the opinion of our maker than that of our fellows.


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