About Cimmy’s Stories


Storm Dragon Wallpaper

Once upon a time, there was a storyteller who had the seeds of millions upon millions of stories in her head.  There were stories about dragons and flowers and other versions of herself and  so many others.  But there was no one to share it all with.

Then, one day, she decided to write her stories on the internet.  She began with a poem about being mother to a child with learning problems.  Then she told a story about a man with an Irish setter who answers an interesting question.  After that, she told a story from her own past, about her grandfather’s accident with a road grader.  Soon, the stories were flowing from the storyteller like water and people were reading them, but the storyteller was still sad.

Life's Story

She still felt that she wasn’t doing enough to get her underlying message out there: that life is a story that needs to be shared.  You can help the storyteller by liking, commenting on and, if you want to, sharing the stories you read here.  With your help, this story can have a happy ending.


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