Captain Jack and the Voyage to the Moon

Cim coasted easily into geosynchronous orbit around the Earth and locked her course for the International Space Station. Jack, meanwhile, was busy getting their new little passenger stowed away in the guest quarters and there was something about the little squirt that she just didn’t like. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was about the […]

Captain Jack and the Stowaway

“I’m sorry, sir,” said a voice from the communications array, “I’m not allowed to grant you clearance for take-off without a properly filed pilot’s license.” “But I have a pilot’s license!” Jack growled trying to keep his cool and knowing that, if he didn’t, the operator at the other end of the conversation could, conceivably, […]

Captain Jack and the Wavemistress

Warning: This, though classified technically as a short story, is long. It consists of over 3500 words. Please, be prepared. Furthermore, this story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is purely unintentional, with a few noted exceptions. “You have a ship?” Dane declared incredulously. “This I gotta see.” “It’s a […]

Princess Writes: Kokoro

  Dear friends, I’ve spent all day trying to think what new story I could write for you, what new tale I might create for you.  Then, my daughter asked me to read a story she had written for a school assignment.  The assignment was to write a Science Fiction story.  She wanted me to […]

Cimmy’ Stories on YouTube!

Hey, gang!  I finally got my courage into my hands and published my first ever video storytelling attempt.  The Story of Storytelling:  Please, take a peek and leave me any comments that you think will be helpful.  Like and/or subscribe if you’d like to see more video storytelling and, if you really like it, […]

Unplugged Reposts: Swanwhite

Tonight, I enter my unplugged week. Scheduled for today and next Friday, you’ll find two of my favorite posts.  Today, I give you one of the few fan fiction pieces I ever wrote.  I hope you enjoy it. Queen Swanwhite I of Narnia sat upon the last of four ornately-carved, white, marble thrones in the […]