Captain Jack and the Stowaway

“I’m sorry, sir,” said a voice from the communications array, “I’m not allowed to grant you clearance for take-off without a properly filed pilot’s license.” “But I have a pilot’s license!” Jack growled trying to keep his cool and knowing that, if he didn’t, the operator at the other end of the conversation could, conceivably, […]

Captain Jack and the Wavemistress

Warning: This, though classified technically as a short story, is long. It consists of over 3500 words. Please, be prepared. Furthermore, this story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is purely unintentional, with a few noted exceptions. “You have a ship?” Dane declared incredulously. “This I gotta see.” “It’s a […]

Exercise #68: Beyond Twelve

Exercise 68 Instructions As promised, this is the list of words submitted to me to go into this story. Those with a link in their names have blogs you can visit.  I’m grateful to all of these people for making this assignment both easier and harder.  Here we go. *********** triskaidekaphobia (submitted by El Guapo): an […]

Shout Out Your Word

Hey, story lovers.  I have a proposition for you.  My next writing assignment involves finding a real word I don’t use in my everyday conversation and writing a story around it.  Thus far, I am having a really hard time coming up with a word to write about, which is why I haven’t posted a […]

Princess Writes: Kokoro

  Dear friends, I’ve spent all day trying to think what new story I could write for you, what new tale I might create for you.  Then, my daughter asked me to read a story she had written for a school assignment.  The assignment was to write a Science Fiction story.  She wanted me to […]

Cimmy’ Stories on YouTube!

Hey, gang!  I finally got my courage into my hands and published my first ever video storytelling attempt.  The Story of Storytelling:  Please, take a peek and leave me any comments that you think will be helpful.  Like and/or subscribe if you’d like to see more video storytelling and, if you really like it, […]