Princess Writes: Kokoro

  Dear friends, I’ve spent all day trying to think what new story I could write for you, what new tale I might create for you.  Then, my daughter asked me to read a story she had written for a school assignment.  The assignment was to write a Science Fiction story.  She wanted me to […]

Kathra & Haigen

“Why must I talk to her?” Haigen blurted.  His father had just given him the news that he was to judge the appeal of Kathra Ironshard, the dwarf who had beaten him nearly to death six months previous. “Haigen, what is the job of the high king?”  Farthen asked softly, leveling an expectant gaze at […]


  This is the first part of a story I’m writing.  It tells the background of Kathra Ironshard, the main character in two writing exercises published previously. This excerpt is provided by request and is still more or less in its draft stage, so any suggestions will be accepted, though many of them may not […]

Exercise #48: Brianna’s Friend

Exercise 48 Instructions “Tell me again,” Arnold J. Strout repeated, for possibly the hundredth time that week, “why we’re redecorating the spare bedroom.” His wife, Brianna, was standing on a ladder in front of the window putting up brackets meant to support a new set of curtains. “Weren’t you listening last time?” she huffed, impatiently […]

Exercise #43: Coloring Dreams

Exercise 43 Instructions Caution: This post exceeds 1300 words! “What color is a dream?” Greg Stewart was the captain of Roosevelt High School’s winning football team. Maya Gilbert had grown up with him, so she knew him pretty well. His father was always on him to “be a man” and things like that. Maya liked […]