Exercise #68: Beyond Twelve

Exercise 68 Instructions As promised, this is the list of words submitted to me to go into this story. Those with a link in their names have blogs you can visit.  I’m grateful to all of these people for making this assignment both easier and harder.  Here we go. *********** triskaidekaphobia (submitted by El Guapo): an […]

Exercise #66: Battle of the Band

Exercise 66 Instructions “If I spit, they will take my spit and frame it as great art!” Jeannine shrieked, throwing her hands up toward the ceiling. “Jeannie,” Damion sighed, his head throbbing as though forty percussionists were in there rehearsing Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture with real cannons, “It’s one thing to design an album cover. It’s […]

Exercise #65: Donna vs. Blaire

Exercise 65 Instructions Donna was thoroughly sick of her roommate, Blaire. Particularly since Blaire was one of those detestable people who could eat anything and never gain any weight. There’d been a good reason for having Blaire as a roommate, Donna remembered. Blaire was an accountant. Since gaining her as a roommate, Donna hadn’t had […]

Exercise #63: The Oracle’s Dilemma

Exercise 63 Instructions WARNING: This post is more than 1700 words long. Ashsula walks down a path lined with granite slabs. Trees stand around her at intervals, seeming to beckon her forward with their branches. A light breeze catches at the long, brown tresses beneath her hood and plays with the hem of her gray […]