Exercise #69: Buttons

Exercise 69 Instructions News Story: New Facebook buttons mean you can ‘love’ your friends’ posts or laugh at them. “Hey, Mark!” Julie called, as he walked past her. “Can I bug you for a second?” “I’m not in any hurry,” Mark responded, smiling. “What’s up?” “Well, you know the ‘like’ button?” she offered, falling into […]

In The Middle of Nowhere

drowning in a sea of blackness she struggles valiantly tries to swim fights the octopus the crocodiles the weeds constantly inexorably mercilessly pulling her downwards… muscles in her back chest shoulders arms legs protest the movements she makes trying to save herself… her whole body longs for surrender to the black deep below her… But […]

Captain Jack and the Voyage to the Moon

Cim coasted easily into geosynchronous orbit around the Earth and locked her course for the International Space Station. Jack, meanwhile, was busy getting their new little passenger stowed away in the guest quarters and there was something about the little squirt that she just didn’t like. She wasn’t exactly sure what it was about the […]

Captain Jack and the Stowaway

“I’m sorry, sir,” said a voice from the communications array, “I’m not allowed to grant you clearance for take-off without a properly filed pilot’s license.” “But I have a pilot’s license!” Jack growled trying to keep his cool and knowing that, if he didn’t, the operator at the other end of the conversation could, conceivably, […]